Let the glasses come to you!

Let the glasses come to you!

We believe that it is essential to try your glasses on before buying, so you can see how they feel. That's why we introduced a Home Try-On service, which allows you to choose several frames and try them at the comfort of your home completely free of charge. Start choosing now!

How does it work?

add to cart

Add 4 frames to your home try-on cart. Try for 7 days and see which ones you like the most. Pay only the deposit of 15% of total frames value. It will be returned after we receive the frames.

choose your favourite
2. Choose your favorite

Pick the ones you like the most and order online. Do not keep the frame/ sunglasses with you, we'll send you a fresh new pair. You already made the best choice. Your new glasses will arrive in 10-12 days!

return frames
3. Return frames

This is the easiest part. Send back all the frames in the original box with a prepaid return label, you' ll find inside the home try on box. It's that easy and free! P.s. be patient, your new glasses are in the making.

Choose your favourites

This is not a purchase! It is 15% deposit of frames and you will get reimbursed after returning frames.

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Free delivery

Help and FAQ

How does Home try on work?

Choose up to 4 frame and/ or sunglasses and add them to your Home try on cart and place an order. After receiving you can try them on for 7 days before sending all the frames back. Try your frames with different outfits and hairstyles or have fun with friends and family!


*Only in Lithuania

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